We are sensitive to the financial concerns of our clients. We maintain a fee schedule that is reasonable and affordable. Our hourly rate is comparable to other experienced and respected family law firms in our area.

Years of experience have taught us how to efficiently organize and execute cases. This enables us to achieve superior outcomes in fewer hours than less experienced firms.

Initial Consultation

Based on your responses to a few key questions, we will list your options and recommend the most appropriate strategy for your case. You will immediately feel a sense of partnership and know that you will receive the attention and expertise you deserve.

Upon leaving the consultation, you will have a clear picture of your expected outcome, financial obligations and the time necessary to reach a desirable resolution.


In the case that your family law matter requires going to trial, you will find yourself in excellent hands. Our knowledge of family law is outstanding and few attorneys match our ability to prepare and execute strategies in court.


Sheri Perlman’s law firm has an outstanding reputation for settling family law related matters out of court. We are expert strategists and maintain excellent rapport with opposing counsel. Our strong reputation in trial provides an added advantage in negotiating settlements that favor our clients.